Memorial Day with the EOD Warrior Foundation

Memorial Day with the EOD Warrior Foundation

Posted by Allisa Liberto on

This year we spent our Memorial Day at the 2017 EOD Warrior 5K hosted by the EOD Warrior Foundation and it was by far one of the best experiences for us here at IRONSMITH®. Throughout the venue we met a lot of great people and got to showcase our brand-new designs to the EOD community here in San Diego.  Over 300 individuals of all different ages came out to show their support.

EOD Memorial

For those who don’t know the EOD Warrior Foundation is a nonprofit organization who provides financial support to active duty and veteran wounded, injured, or ill EOD warriors, including the families of the wounded and fallen. Our roots with IRONSMITH® have a deep tie to the EOD community and we are consistently striving to spread awareness of the dangers and sacrifice the men and women of this community make. With your help and support we have been able to give back to the community more every year.

IRONSMITH® Tent at EOD Warrior 5k

Thank you to those who showed up, came by to check out the line, and said hi. We truly appreciate all of you and with every purchase we’ve begun to build a community of individuals who are striving to do the best, give back, and grow every single day. If you missed us this year, keep a look out for upcoming events. Otherwise we’ll see you at next years Memorial Day EOD Warrior 5k!

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