Dragon & Koi Coin Ironsmith®
Dragon & Koi Coin Ironsmith®
Dragon & Koi Coin Ironsmith®
Dragon & Koi Coin Ironsmith®

Dragon & Koi Coin

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In ancient Chinese culture there is a story of a school of Koi fish that swim upstream in the Yellow River. These fish eventually meet a waterfall and many turn back. Only one dedicated fish makes it to the top of the waterfall and is transformed into a dragon, symbolizing the journey necessary for power and strength.

Let this Dragon & Koi coin serve as a reminder of the tenacity and perseverance necessary in order to reach your highest destiny. Strength comes after struggle, not before it.

This coin comes in two different diameters: 2" and 1.75". The 2" diameter is perfect for display and sized comparable to a traditional military challenge coin while 1.75" is a more pocket friendly size when carrying your coin with you.

Comes in two diameter sizes: 2" and 1.75"
Weight: 2 oz (2") & 1.5 oz (1.75")
Thickness: 4 mm
Multi-colored enamel Finish
Aggressive 3D Detail and Design

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